Our values

Continuous improvement policy in QSE


Producing and selling plants has been our profession for more than 60 years but while our vocation has remained unchanged, the scale is increasingly great. Investments we have made in previous years allow us to sail through this economically difficult period.


Our desire to satisfy our customers and meet regulations leads us to permanently rethink our "way of doing things". More than ever we have a duty to sustain our economic performance while improving the quality and well-being of our employees.


Our shared desire must be to adopt a continuous improvement strategy:

  • SATISFY customers whether with regards quality, quantity or deadlines ORGANISE to prevent malfunctions
  • RESPECT regulations
  • PREVENT accidents and protect people
  • CARRY OUT work by respecting the individual
  • INNOVATE with regards products as well as production methods

It's thanks to the support and participation of each of us as well as from the people from the unit of employers working on our sites that we will succeed in putting our strategy into place.


Aware of the issues at stake, the management team is committed to sustaining this strategy.